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2012 Season

Blue rows are events in the Season Series (and Narragansett Bay Championship). White rows are other supported events with separate awards. Pink rows are "other notable events" for which a one-design start is questionable.


October 17-21, 2012North American Championship
San Diego YC
San Diego, CA
Fleet #8
Level A for all regattas.
The scoring for the Fleet #14 2012 Season Championship:
  • Season Championship is open to Fleet #14 members (whether or not it is their home fleet).
  • Must pay Fleet #14 dues before the first regatta.
  • Regattas scored as individual races.
  • Two regattas needed to qualify.
  • Any regatta with fewer than 7 entries does not count toward Season Championship.
  • Scoring same as Southern Circuit (a percentage of perfection system similar to C-S-G, but easier to understand and compute). For more information on SC Scoring see the scoring system and the example. One throwout for every six races sailed.
  • Rotating trophy for winner (half-hull model now in the hands of 2011 winners Savasama).
  • Keeper trophies for top three positions.

    Please send questions to Nelson Weiderman.
No Narragansett Bay Championship in 2012.
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