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25 Dec 2012 - 1  1 1

25 Dec 2012 - 1  1 1

25 Dec 2012 - 1  1 1

24 Jul 2012 - TONTO takes the season honors.  With only two boats participating in the Season Championship, TONTO took honors. KIMA came in second (last). Can we have more boats participating next year?

21 May 2012 - Season Standings Updated [this part not seen]  Season Standings Updated

26 Jul 2011 - ECLIPSE dominates WPR.  Damian Emery and his Team ECLIPSE dominated with five wins in seven races at the West Passage Regatta out of Wickford RI. Team KINSEM was second and Team JOUSTER was third in what many boats took as a tuneup for the NAC in Marblehead. The Narragansett Bay Championship was won by Bruce Stone and Julian Croxall sailing JOUSTER (.782), followed by Rick Masur (.560), Fred Darlington (.543) and Nelson Weiderman (.318) all having sailed in the three regattas constituting the Series.  Complete results.

15 Jul 2011 - Keane Cruises at Sail Newport.  Brian Keane and his SAVASANA crew took all four races at the Sail Newport Regatta. The Regatta was plagued by light air and only one race was sailed on Saturday. On Sunday, three more races were sailed after a short delay. Ten boats participated, with Sean Doyle bringing KESTREL in second and Damian Emery third on ECLIPSE. Full results.

27 Jun 2011 - ECLIPSE wins at Block.  Damian Emery's ECLIPSE took BIRW with four firsts in six races sailed over five days in and around Block Island. JOUSTER (Stone & Croxall) and SHAKEDOWN (Mindich) tied with 18 points with JOUSTER winning the tie breaker. The first Fleet #14 boat was Fred Darlington's TONTO in fifth with 31 points.  Complete results.

13 Jun 2011 - SAVASANA wins NYYC. Next up Sail Newport  

13 Jun 2011 - SAVASANA victorious at NYYC.  Brian Keane drove SAVASANA to victory with four firsts and two seconds. Bruce Stone and Julian Croxall were second on JOUSTER and Mark Lindquist was third. Eight boats raced. The weather was pretty nasty and the wind was strong. Full results.

11 Jun 2011 - Season Standings [this part not shown]  Brian Keane leads season standings.

10 Jun 2011 - SAVASANA wins NYYC.  Next up: Sail Newport Regatta.

10 Mar 2011 - Have you paid your dues?  Dues for the national and fleet are due. You can pay both in one swell foop. First log into the site and then mouseover Members and click Review/Renew on the flyout menu. (more...)

10 Mar 2011 - Schedule posted for 2011  Schedule posted for 2011

09 Aug 2010 - ECLIPSE blasts through.  Damian Emery's ECLIPSE blew away the competition in both the West Passage Regatta and the Narragansett Bay Championship series. Damian got the best of ten other J/105s in the inaugural WPR with 12 points in the eight regatta series. The weather cooperated with moderate (12-16 knot) breezes from the S and SW which allowed eight races to be sailed in two days. The second and third place boats for the WPR were TONTO (Fred Darlington, 18 points), and POWER PLAY (Bruce Stone and Scott DeWeese, 24 points). For the three regatta Narragansett Bay Championship, ECLIPSE had .913 to KINCSEM's (Joerg Esdorn/Duncan Hennes) .790 and POWER PLAY's .746. There were 24 total participants in this series. Final NBC scoring here.  WPR Results.

26 Jul 2010 - Narragansett Bay Championship  The NBC concludes with the West Passage Regatta on August 7-8. Current standings are as follows: Link to NBC standings.

23 Jul 2010 - NYYC Rolex.  Damian Emery and ECLIPSE took the NYYC Rolex with a 1-1-4-1-3-1/11. Fleet #6 also snatched second as Joerg Esdorn and Duncan Hennes had 25 points with KINCSEM and Fleet 14's Brian Keane took time off from his J/80 campaign to garner third with 29 points on SAVASANA. Monday's racing was cancelled as a thunderstorm blew through as the first race of the day got underway.

12 Jul 2010 - Sail Newport.  Congrats to Bruce Stone and Scott DeWeese who posted a 2-2 on POWER PLAY for first place. Chris and Carolyn Groobey on JAVA placed second with a 4-1. Nelson Weiderman on KIMA won a tiebreaker of three boats tied with 9 points for third. Saturday had light breezes and Sunday's lone try for a race was abandoned due to lack of wind. (more...)

15 Jun 2010 - LIVE EDGE (Toronto) wins NYYC Anniversary  Light winds prevailed, yet they ran us inside at Halfway Rock anyway. No photos even though we were with the "classic" yachts. Two boats from out of town finished 1-2 (JADED is from Fleet #24). The RC managed three races on Saturday and two more Sunday. Topping out the locals were VIXEN, SEA SHADOW, and KIMA. Go to the Results page for full results. Or more directly.

15 Jun 2010 - Standings  The standings have been updated to reflect the first two regattas of the 2010 Season.

07 Jan 2010 -   Congrats to 2009 Season Champ Brian Keane and Team SAVASANA

07 Jan 2010 - 2010 Season Schedule Posted  All the information you need for setting up your 2010 Season has been posted. Use the left menu by clicking Racing >> Schedule. Please plan ahead! (more...)

13 Jul 2009 - SAVASANA wins Sail Newport  Sail Newport always give us good racing and this weekend was no exception. They managed eight races in two days (albeit the last day's were a little short to get in eight). Brian Keane stayed close to Bruce Stone and eked out a one point victory with SAVASANA over POWER PLAY. On the last day no boat ever came between them and they each prevailed twice. On the last day of racing the top four boats were within a single point with three tied at 12 points for the day. For the regatta, SEA SHADOW took third and KIMA was fourth. Full results.

29 Jun 2009 - POWER PLAY wins BIRW.  POWER PLAY, with Bruce Stone at the wheel, won Block Island Race Week without winning a single race. But he also did not have worse than a 5 in 8 races with 20 boats. Consistency wins big regattas! They gave us the "Around-the-Island Race" on Monday with big breeze from the northeast and we had two more days of northerlies before the wind shut off for Thursday and Friday. But we managed to have one race on each of the light days. Full results (scroll to end).

15 Jun 2009 - Season Leaders  Season Leaders: SAVASANA, POWER PLAY, SEA SHADOW.
No change after Sail Newport Regatta.

15 Jun 2009 - SAVASANA wins NYYC again.  In a regatta where we got some triangle-windward-leeward courses (to accommodate the 12 meters we were sailing with), SAVASANA (Brian Keane) had two firsts, a second, a third and a fourth to win by 5 points over SEA SHADOW and MOPELIA, both with 16. It was a fairly light air regatta, in the 6-12 range with overcast skies and a slight drizzle on Sunday before racing. All three boats are headed to Block Island for next week's week long regatta. Full results (Green Fleet).

09 Jan 2009 - John Toole's 2009 welcome.  John would like to hear from you.  Here's the complete message.

04 Aug 2008 - 2008 Season Winners.  1. POWERPLAY .907
2. SAVASANA .902
3. SEA SHADOW .811

04 Aug 2008 - Bruce Stone and Scott DeWeese win Season Series by .005.  Our last two regattas are complete and the results are in. 1. Bruce Stone/Scott DeWeese, .907, 2. Brian Keane, SAVASANA, .902; and 3. Pollock/Riker/Shumway, SEA SHADOW, .811. Congratulations to Bruce & Scott and their crew. In the NYYC Rolex, SAVASANA was second to LIS powerhouse ECLIPSE (POWERPLAY fifth), and in the Buzzards Bay Regatta, SAVASANA won with POWERPLAY second and SEA SHADOW third. Please let Nelson know if there are any computational or other errors.

16 Jul 2008 - POWER PLAY wins Newport Regatta.  The weather was spectacular with winds the first day in the 10-14 range and a little stronger the second day. It was full hike and full sun both days. Bruce Stone (from SF Fleet #1) and Scott DeWeese teamed up to win the regatta (all bullets the first day), but Brian Keane on SAVASANA came on strong on Sunday to finish two points back. Wilson Pollock on SEA SHADOW was another point back for a close third. Full results.

01 Jul 2008 - Up next.  Next up is NYYC Race Week at Newport, July 25-27.  Regatta link.

01 Jul 2008 - ECLIPSE tops at BIRW.  Damian Emery's ECLIPSE topped the 12 boat Block Island Race Week fleet, closely followed by Fleet 14's Brian Keane in SAVASANA. KIMA and POWER PLAY were second and third among the Fleet 14 contingent.  Full results.

11 Jun 2008 - KIMA wins Halfway Rock.  We had two marvelous sailing days and it was a shame that more boats did not join in. Because there were only four boats racing, this will not count for the Season Championship. The organizers relegated us to the 15 boat PHRF-A start (all faster boats). The Lotz family had the best of it in INDEFATIGABLE for the entire regatta, but on Sunday (a 26 miler around Jamestown and then up to NEB) they missed a mark and dropped to second among the J/105s. Rounding out the fleet were SEA SHADOW and TRAFFIC. Complete results.

07 Aug 2007 - SAVASANA wins BBR.  The conditions at the Buzzards Bay Regatta were almost ideal and it is too bad more boats could not participate. Friday and Saturday were almost carbon copies of one another with 12-14 knots from the SW. On Sunday, the wind turned lighter from the North and the second race was abandoned because the wind died. Brian Keane's SAVASANA started with four bullets and won by 3 over Jay Schachne's COLTRANE and by 8 over Charlie Schumway's SEA SHADOW. The remaining three bullets went to COLTRANE, KIMA, and VORTICITY. The top three for the season were SAVASANA, COLTRANE, and VORTICITY (click Racing --> Season Standings for complete results).

19 Jul 2007 - BAT IV wins Sail Newport.  There were 14 boats representing at least five fleets and very challenging conditions. The top two were from Annapolis, Andrew Kennedy's BAT IV and Carl & Scott Gitchell's TENACIOUS. They were followed by three locals, Jay Schachne's COLTRANE, Malcolm Gefter's VMAX, and Brian Keane's SAVASANA.  (more...)

02 Jul 2007 - Boats to be Weighed at Cove Haven  On Friday, July 13, we will weigh boats at Cove Haven Marina. This will be the only Fleet #14 sponsored weighing in 2007. Weight certificates will replace floatline certificates as of 2/1/2008.

02 Jul 2007 - SAVASANA wins at Block.  Brian Keane's SAVASANA made it two BIRWs in a row, fending off Fleet #6's KINCSEM and Fleet #1's ARBITRAGE. The only other Fleet #14 boat in the top ten was WOODY at #6. Twenty four boats participated. (more...)

02 Jul 2007 - Jimmy Fund Cancelled  The Jimmy Fund Regatta, scheduled for 8-9 September, has been cancelled. (more...)

11 Jun 2007 - SAVASANA wins NYYC.  Brian Keane was the model of consistency winning the four race NYYC winning the last race and finishing no worse than third through conditions that ranged from 14-16 knots down to zero wind on the second race of the first day in which only ten boats finished within the time limit. The top three: 1. Brian Keane, SAVASANA, 9; 2. Phil Lotz, INDEFATIGABLE, 17; 3. Ken Colburn, GHOST, 17.

08 Jun 2007 - Larchmont NOOD.  This NOOD will be the Long Island Sound Championship with a very nice perpetual trophy. Unfortunately, it conflicts with our final Fleet 14 event, the Jimmy Fund Regatta on September 8-9.

05 Jun 2007 - Ida Lewis Distance Race.  Ida Lewis has announced that its biennial distance race--which debuted in 2004--will now be an annual affair.  Details.

05 Jun 2007 - Crew listings  Check out our crew listings (wanted and available).

05 Mar 2007 - Crew Wanted/Available Cleared.  If you want crew or are available to crew in 2007, please add your name to our list. Start by clicking the Crew Finder link on the left menu.

23 Feb 2007 - Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting will be held at the JRendezvous at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 3. This will be at the TPI factory in Bristol. See jboats.com for directions. Nelson will send out the number for conferencing in if you cannot attend in person.

07 Aug 2006 - INDY edges SAVA in final regatta.  The ProJo reported that Phil Lotz skippered RUMORS to a win in PHRF A, but the truth is that he held on for a one point win in the J/105 Class in the Buzzards Bay Regatta. According to the newspaper, the conditions were more light and flukey than normally the case in Buzzards. Top three: 1. Phil Lotz, INDEFATIGABLE, 6; 2. Brian Keane, SAVASANA, 7.0; 3. Jay Schachne, COLTRANE, 13. The final season standings have also been posted with a clear separation of the top three: 1. INDY with .935, 2. SAVA with .889, and 3. VORTICITY (John Toole) with .744.  (more...)

24 Jul 2006 - MASQUERADE Repeats at Rolex.  Tom Coates and his west coast crew love the Rolex. Two years ago they came in and won it all in a 28 boat regatta. This year they captured the biennial Regatta by winning the three races on Friday and the last on Sunday in the 20 boat fleet. Phil Lotz continued preparations for the NAC in Marina Del Rey with INDEFATIGABLE winning two races on Saturday and winning the series tiebreaker from Joerg Esdorn and KINCSEM for second place. Damian Emery on ECLIPSE won the seventh race and finished fourth. Next up is Buzzards Bay Regatta, August 4-6. Full results.

10 Jul 2006 - Rolex is three days -- July 21, 22, 23.  Rolex is three days -- July 21, 22, 23. A revised NOR has been posted by the NYYC.

10 Jul 2006 - INDY wins again!  The Sail Newport Regatta started out with a wimper on Saturday as we hung around for several hours for the wind to come up. When it did, they stayed overtime to get three races in (after abandoning a fourth caused by a big rightward windshift). Phil and Wendy Lotz on INDEFATIGABLE won two of three and never surrendered the lead. In the second race JATO (sailed by the indefatigable Pamela Morris) had a perfect start at the favored leeward end and continued for a wire-to-wire win. On day two the winds were more to our liking with 14-16 knot seabreeze for the day, solid from 240. Brian Keane on SAVASANA finished the day with a solid 1-1 but fell two points short of catching the Lotzes. Race 4 was remarkable in that Fleet Captain John Toole (much improved this year) led at the second top mark, but their spin halyard shackle let go. INDY won. VORTICITY finished with their jib to hold on for seventh, but they retrieved their halyard with little time to go before the start of race 5 and, most remarkably, they executed a perfect leeward end start at the gun with speed. All races were four leg windward leewards. Visitor (from Fleet #6) Damian Emery was third on ECLIPSE, five points in back of SAVA. Next up is the Rolex in two weeks (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). (more...)

11 Jun 2006 - INDY wins NYYC.  Four different boats won races in the five race series, but Phil Lotz and INDEFATIGABLE were by far the most consistent adding a deuce and a pair of treys to their two aces. John Toole on VORTICITY won race three and finished second five points back. Ken Colburn won race four and was one more point back. Saturday the wind was consistently in the 20s and the boats were surfing downwind. Sunday the wind was more often in the teens, but there was still plenty of hiking. Racing was inside, north of Newport, off the northwest shore of Jamestown. (more...)

04 Apr 2006 - Racing Rules Seminar, May 6  Racing Rules Seminar with Dave Perry, May 6 at the Beverly Yacht Club.

04 Apr 2006 - Safety at Sea Seminar needs your boat.  Wednesday, June 28. Jeff Johnstone needs your boat! Here's the flyer. Here's Jeff's appeal for boats.

15 Mar 2006 - Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting was held at the JBoats mid-Winter Rendezvous. The minutes and treasurers report have been posted. Click Fleet Business and Minutes on the left menu.

04 Mar 2006 - Annual Meeting  Our annual meeting is being held at the JBoats ninth annual Mid-Winter Rendezvous at the TPI factory in Bristol on Saturday, March 4. We'll start at 12:30. Please notify kendra@jboats.com if you plan to attend. Please review the tentative schedule and let us know if you'd like to volunteer for anything. More info.

17 Feb 2006 - Racing Rules Seminar  On May 6th, Beverly Yacht Club in Marion MA, is hosting Dave Perry as part of the US Sailing Mount Gay Speakers Series. The afternoon session will be held at the Marion Music Hall and Dave will spend several hours on the racing rules and strategy focusing on dealing with crowded marks. Dave is a very interactive speaker and loves an interactive crowd. More.

10 Aug 2005 - Three way tie at BBR.  Three boats tied with 17 points after eight races at the Buzzards Bay Regatta. The tiebreaker was won by NAC 2004 Champion HOSS with co-owners Glenn Darden, Phil Williamson, and Reese Hillard. The second tie breaker went down to the last race with Brian Keane's SAVASANA edging out Phil Lotz's INDEFATIGABLE for second. After three regattas, the season champions appear to be INDEFATIGABLE with .905, SAVASANA with .896, and SEA SHADOW with .824. There are seven qualifiers, eight more boats that raced one regatta, and 15 more boats that did not race this season.

09 Aug 2005 - NBYA Regatta.  After polling (and cajoling) it appears that we will not have enough boats for a one-design start at the NBYA regatta at the end of August.

18 Jul 2005 - Latest results and standings posted.  Season standings: 1. INDEFATIGABLE .8733, 2. (tie) PRETTY SKETCHY and SAVASANA .8667.

17 Jul 2005 - HOSS wins Sail Newport.  With four light air races over two days, HOSS (less Glenn Darden), won in a field of 13 racers. The top three: Reese Hillard, HOSS, 14; Phil Lotz, INDEFATIGABLE, 14; Volckert van Reesma, 5 CENT, 17. (more...)

12 Jul 2005 - Block Island Race Week Photography.  Professional work by Andrew Sims here. Amateur (free) work by Jeff Johnstone here.

12 Jul 2005 - Next up: Sail Newport.  Remember their theme is "More racing, less waiting." Join us for this July 16-17 regatta!

25 Jun 2005 - BIRW  Racing took place on all five days at Block Island this year with a total of nine races and little waiting around. Top three: 1. PRETTY SKETCHY, Tom & Charlie Enright, 35; 2. SAVASANA, Brian Keane, 40; 3. ECLIPSE, Damian Emery, 43. Complete results.

14 Jun 2005 - NYYC 151st Annual:  Great wind and two mile weather legs. Top three: 1. SEA SHADOW, Pollock/Shumway, 27; 2. SAVASANA, Brian Keane, 27; GUMPTION, Kevin Grainger, 29.  Complete results.

08 Mar 2005 - Dave Perry Rules Seminar in Newport  Thursday, March 31 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Hyatt Hotel on Goat Island in Newport, Dave Perry (with help from Dick Rose, Art Engel, and Mary Savage) will present "Learn the Changes in the 2005 Racing Rules". Cost is $10 at the door ($5 for students), but that includes a new rulebook.

18 Feb 2005 - Annual Meeting  The Fleet 14 annual meeting will be held at the 8th Annual J Boats Mid-Winter Rendezvous 2005. The meeting is scheduled for 11 a.m. (earlier than past years) and we are attempting to have conference call access. The "call in number" will be posted here if we succeed. We will be giving out 2004 awards, electing officers, and finalizing the schedule (see tentative schedule posted on this site).

08 Oct 2004 - Chesapeake Bay Championship Anyone?  Carl Gitchell asked me to pass along this NOR for the Chesapeake Bay Championship.

06 Oct 2004 - Season Standings Posted  After three seasons with Jim Sorensen and WET LEOPARD at the top of the leaderboard, we have crowned a new Season Champion in 2004. Leading the way this year was Phil Lotz and his family crew aboard INDEFATIGABLE. He only won one of six regattas (also was top Fleet 14 boat at the NAC), but was consistent throughout the season and had the race committees tripping over their tongues at the award ceremonies. Final results: 1. Phil Lotz, .892, 2. Brian Keane, SAVASANA, .860; 3. Jim Sorensen, WET LEOPARD, .845.

23 Sep 2004 - Sixteen boats sail in NAC  Sixteen boats sailed in the 52 boat North American Championship hosted by Beverly Yacht Club. Leading the way were Phil Lotz in INDEFATIGABLE (4th), Brian Keane in SAVASANA (7th), and Wiley Wakeman and Ed Dailey in STAR EYES (16). Results and season standings have been updated.

13 Sep 2004 - Indy wins Hospice  Phil Lotz and INDEFATIGABLE won the Hospice Regatta followed by Ken Colburn in GHOST and Wilson Pollack in SEA SHADOW. Unfortunately, the previous two regattas (Leukemia Cup and NBYA Regatta) had to be cancelled for lack of participants, and Hospice only had five participants. None of the three will count toward our season championship (seven being the minimum), so the last counter will be the North Americans in Marion.

08 Sep 2004 - Hospice Regatta and Feeder to Marion  Hospice coming up this weekend. The SIs for Saturday are here. For the Feeder Race to Marion the NOR is here and the SIs are here.

17 Aug 2004 - Buzzards Bay Results and Standings Posted  The top three at the Buzzards Bay Regatta were HOSS, WET LEOPARD, and AEGIR. For complete results and commentary, use the left menu or click here to go directly. The top three for the Fleet #14 Season Standings are INDEFATIGABLE, SAVASANA, and KIMA. Through four regattas we have 21 racers and 13 qualifiers with only .005 separating places two through four. Click on Racing --> Season Standings on the left menu for a complete rundown with scores.

16 Aug 2004 - CYC Around-the-Island Race, September 5  Entry forms can be obtained at CYC, 40 Bay View Drive, Jamestown or on the website conanicutyachtclub.org. For questions, please call 401-423-1424.

27 Jul 2004 - Post Rolex Standing are Posted  INDEFATIGABLE has a commanding lead after three regattas, but the next three positions are separated by .004 points. They are SAVASANA, PRETTY SKETCHY, and KIMA. We have 11 qualifiers and 16 participants thus far. Click Racing -> Season Standings on the left menu.

26 Jul 2004 - MASQUERADE wins watch and the Regatta  Ten races and forty legs marked the three day NYYC Rolex Regatta. Tom Coates and his MASQUERADE crew not only won the event, but also the watch that goes to the winner of the fleet with the closest competition. San Diegans Ed Cummins and Jack Franco on BOLD FORBES came in second with Texans Glenn Darden, Reese Hilliard, and Phil Williamson third. More results and commentary here. PS: Hope you like the new web format. Questions and comments to Nelson.

11 Jul 2004 - Volkswagon Sail Newport Regatta  HOSS dominated the Regatta. Locals Brian Keane and Nelson Weiderman were second and third. Results and standings now posted.  Results and standings now posted.

02 Jul 2004 - NAC2004  Fleet #14 is hosting the 2004 NAC in Marion. Are you
signed up?

13 Jun 2004 - NYYC 150th Anniversary Regatta  Thirteen boats participated in the Regatta, which was won by Phil Lotz. Second and third went to Nelson Weiderman and Brian Keane.  Results and standings now posted.

24 May 2004 - 2004 Dues Update  Dues status has been updated as of 5/24 in  Members -> Roster.

13 Mar 2004 - 2004 Racing Schedule Posted  The season championship schedule has been finalized with 8 regattas on tap. Four distance races also planned. Click on Racing -> Schedule to review

01 Jan 2004 - 2004 Dues Now Due  Please send your 2004 local dues ($25) to the local Treasurer and your 2004 National dues ($25) to the  National Treasurer.

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